Grade 4


Meaning of Home

In a home you are loved and cared for. A home is a happy place where you feel loved and safe, you grow up in a home. A home is filled with people you love and it is filled with laughter and games. A home comes in different sizes and shapes and you can spread kindness on everything around you. A home is warm hearted there is always comfort in a home and the people there will love you forever. In a home you are connected to your family and go on adventures. In a home you can be anything you imagine.

Kindness is in a home and always will be. Kindness is one of the highlights in a home. Kindness puts a home together and makes it stable and strong. It doesn’t just come from the heart it comes from the actions too.

Love is also in a home and will be everywhere you go. Love is also one of the highlights in a home. Love is what glues a family together forever. The love your mom and dad have for you is the most special thing in the world.

Home is a place to be and to always be. Your home is the best place on earth. Everybody will be there for you! A home is no home with no you.