Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of home

The meaning of home

The meaning of home to me is a place where I feel super safe and loved. It is somewhere I can bake delicious cookies that make the house smell so good. Home is really a special place to be because I can spend time with my lovely friends and delightful family. Home is so much more than just a building. It’s where I took my first steps and the first place I laughed. It’s a place to settle down after a long day. Home is where I feel safe, happy, cozy, and most importantly protected. It is where I can go when it is raining outside. And where the people I love the most are. One of my most favorite things about home is that when it’s a warm, sunny day my family and I can go for an amazing walk in our neighborhood. When it is a chilly day, we can cozy up on the cool couch and watch magnificent movies and play wonderful board games! Also, when it becomes nighttime, I can go to my comfortable bed and have spectacular dreams. I usually can’t wait for the next day ahead of me!! When it’s a happy hot day in summer, I can also go outside with my brother and bounce so high on the trampoline. Sometimes, I can play soccer with my mom and its fabulously fun. At home I can do whatever makes me happy or brings me joy. Home is somewhere I can be when I am gloomy or sad and my family will comfort me. Home is my happy place 😊 😉