Grade 5

Richmond Hill

Meaning Of Home

Home is a place that has peace, which is were I wrote this piece. Home keeps you protected from all of the dangers and strangers, it also protects you from all the bad insects, as you expect. Home is where you feel welcomed and cozy. It doesn’t matter if it’s modern or not, you just have to feel like home, that’s it. It doesn’t have to be modern, big, small, or even a dome. Even if it is unknown to others, or made of foam. Home is your zone to feel happy, welcomed, and protected. Even if others think your home is terrible, worse than theirs, not a home, just don’t care about them, because they might think bad things about your home, but trust me, your home is perfect. But many people don’t have that, so please help raise money to help the people that don’t have a place they feel welcomed, cozy, happy, and in peace to get their own home.