Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of home

Home means a cozy and amusing place that I can live, and also somewhere I can be joyful with my whole family. At home I can keep most of my rare treasured valuables and objects. It’s a place that you’ve been for a long time, and where you’re comfortable. At home I can love and enjoy life with my family and animals. It’s an amusing place to live, and be as cheerful as possible.
Home is somewhere that you can be nice and help your family out in difficult situations, and teach your family great valuable life lessons. Home means a place to practice and get the best you can for the next time you try to do what you want. Home is a spot to call your happy place. You can observe your property, and explore outdoors because you can find lots of wonders that you will find interesting.
Home is where you can relax and sleep, and get to be healthy and strong. It’s where you can play sports and amazing games with friends and family. Home is where pets can be happy and have a life just as amazing as ours. Home is your place to do what you want and be happy. That is my meaning of home.