Grade 4


Meaning of home

Home is a place that gives you comfort and its cozy its a cool place to be you can sit on a couch and eat hot dogs and play fortnite until 2am and play gta 5 with your friend like me and listen to music or seep in for 1000 years like me lol…or draw cars or play with my cat but you don’t need tvs or ps4s all you need is a family and cats you need cats like lot or dogs i’m getting off track ok home i bug my mom cuz my home makes me feel safe at home . And i can talk to my friends on my ps4. My mom gets mad when i yell on ps4 but home… to me home is chill like when i draw i feel just ie soooooooo chill when i watch a move i get tired in lille 2 minutes no matter what i do i feel chill like sooooooooooooooooooooooooo chll what makes me so chil is well drawing cars home is like a old dog it is chill cozy fluffy and old…well its not just like a old dog its like cat crazy some times nice and not crazy its like a camp fire nice and hot ike a hot chocolate emmmmm hot chocolate k i need to stop and talk home its l