Grade 6

Hunter River
Prince Edward Island

Meaning of Home

Home is a place where happiness grows,
as when I enter, all over me it flows.
Home is a bank where memories are kept
as I remember them every time I slept.
Home is a station where my loved ones go
as every day I see them travel and grow.
Home is a habitat where life is all around,
as animals of all sizes zoom and make sounds.
Home is a school where I learn many tasks
and something in 2020, “the rules of the mask.”
Home is a museum where I achieved my goals,
and where I learned to assume different roles.
Home is a theater where I have fun,
as I laugh because my parents make funny puns.
Home is a restaurant because it’s where I eat,
as my parents cook delicious meals each time, unique.
Home is a “battlefield” with my brother, Alex B
As we get in constant wars between him and me.

Home is distinct and unique, as you can never replace it