Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home

The meaning of home

Home is a place that you’re always safe. It’s a place that you make memories with your family.It’s not just a house it’s so much more than that.You grow up there. It’s a place that you cry and laugh. We are so lucky to have a home some people don’t get to enjoy the feeling of home like we do. It’s a place that you laugh with you family and friends. It’s a place you sleep in every night. It’s where you’re pets grow up and play with you. It’s the memories that count the most. The feeling of home is an amazing one. It’s the place where the love is around. I wish everyone can enjoy the feeling of home like I can. Just make memories with your family when you can.Nobody can take the feeling of home away from you ever and if anyone tries to don’t let them ever. Home is so great it feels so loved and safe. Yes you do get hurt but that doesn’t stop you from loving you’re home with your family.