Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home

What your about to read is the meaning of home to me and everything that gives me the feeling of home.

Firstly I need a warm place that’s safe and I can be myself, and laugh, talk to my friends, and have fun. Another thing is I need space to have fun and not feel cramped in a small room. I need my dog in my room so I can pet him and he can make me feel better when I’m stressed. It doesn’t feel like home without family, both the human kind and the fur kind. I need these things to feel like I’m home.

Secondly I need lots of space outside. A big driveway so I can do all the things I love like having fun with my friends and playing basketball. Lots of trees outside make me feel relaxed and at home. Trees are important to me because I have never lived in a place that doesn’t have lots of trees. A big backyard so I can play soccer and sit in the sun. Nature is a must.

Lastly, I need a nice location. Like the suburbs so I have neighbors and friends all around me. I wouldn’t be able to mountain bike with friends in the woods if I was in the farm country or in the city. I feel the suburbs are good because I’m so used to them, it is my comfort zone. My happy place, where I am relaxed. The suburbs are the best because I feel like I’m home.

All these things are crucial for my home so I’m happy. Each single part listed above makes me happy each and every day.