Grade 6

New Brunswick

Meaning of Home

Home is a place where when I get home from school , i feel happy and safe with my parents. When friends and family come over to my home, that’s when memories are made. On time on Christmas Eve, my family came to my home, and my cousins and I where playing hide and seek and no one could find me in the pantry.

I have always lived in the same house and I have made lots of memories at my home. I first learned how to walk and talk there. I’ve always had the same room and I know where everything is. My dad and I always used to hangout in the basement. He would call it the man cave .” Down in the basement I have lots of memories there. I first learned how to play video games and I also learned how to shoot a hockey puck. My dad also plays the guitar down there for me. We sometimes stay down there all night without my mom knowing.

I’ve had lots of different pets In my home.I’ve had four dogs, seven birds, and a whole lot of fish. I have seven fish, one bird and two dogs right now. So we have had lots of animals in our home and home wouldn’t feel the same without them. My dogs would chase me around the house until one of them got their spine paralyzed now she’s in a wheel chair.

Home means a lot to me and I think everyone else agrees. I’ve always lived in the same home so it means even more to me. I think everyone feels the same also.