Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Fatty legs story
In fatty legs I felt like their home was a great place. Where they can believe in their religion and what they do daily. When they were taken away from their home, I felt bad because they had to leave their family, language, religion, food, daily routines, etc. the fact that this happened really breaks my heart. When people are forced to leave what they grew up in, it’s hard to re-adapt to their ways back home.with the residential schools, i dont get how they thought god wanted this. They gave the children extra labour, books that are written in english that they didn’t understand, and food they don’t know.
And this was based on a true story. This isn’t some kind of fun story to entertain readers. The fact that this happened not just to Olemaun but to countless others that might have not survived.
Anne of green gables
Anne seemed to be a nice girl with a personality like mine
Except a bit more girly. It seems like she never had a real mom, dad, or home, so when she went to green gables she was really happy. I didn’t really get the movie part because it was all in bits due to a bunch of advertisements but at the end got me really confused.
Based on the movie Anne was with a rough childhood growing up.
I felt bad about it but I’m still not sure if this is a real story or not.
Although it is really nice to read. When Anne found her home I felt like she was really excited and at the same time shocked.
My home
Home to me is somewhere you grew up and where your heart is.
I was born in the Philippines and moved to Manitoba, Canada when I was 1.
We lived in an apartment in Cumberland, but I kept getting bed bug bites.
I still wonder how i’m still alive because from what I heard, bed bugs are really dangerous and venomous. And keep in mind i lived there in that apartment for 2 years so I’m really confused. Anywho, I lived there for 2 years then moved to 620 vlr road. It’s a cozy place but still nice.
I’ve lived in this house for 8 years and am about to turn 11 on april 3.