Grade 6


Meaning of Home

When I am home I don’t feel alone.
When I am home no one makes fun of me.
My brothers make me laugh not make me sad.
We watch movies that are filled with glee.
And when I need them they are there for me.
Home is where I like to play.
There is nowhere I would rather stay
I play basketball everyday and it takes my sadness away
Home is a place where I am loved.
Canada is my native land. It’s where I live and where I stand.
When I think of home I think of laying in bed cozy as I can be.
My two cats always lay with me.
I always feel as free as can be.
When I’m in bed drinking green tea remembering the great Kobe.
When I am home, I am safe.
When I am home, I feel great.
When I am home, I feel loved
When I am home, I am over and above.
At home I’m never sad.
My home makes me very glad.
Never take home for granted some people don’t have it.
At the end of the day the feeling of home will never go away.