Grade 6



Home can be a place
Home can be a building
Home to me is a feeling
A home is what all people need

In home is my family
I have my pets to keep me company
My mom makes me a meal that is good for me
Dessert is cake with ice cream on te side
I can fall asleep and have good dream about dinosaurs

Some people don’t have a place to call home even if they have a house
Some people need special homes that they can’t afford
I can’t see me with no place to call home
I think everyone needs a home small or tall black or white
If everyone had a home that was affordable the world would be a better place and no wars would happen

Thanks to Habitat for Humanity people can get a home and get a rent that they can afford
And I can help by me writing this and make a person’s front door.
In conclusion home is what everyones needs and Habitat for Humanity helps.