Grade 5


Meaning of Home

This is why homes are important and how you can save some money.
It’s important to have a home because you can feel comfortable in your own house and feel
It’s also important to have a safe neighborhood too.
I think you shouldn’t get a very big house or a mansion unless you have a lot of family members that are going to live with you.
When you have your own house you can get more privacy!
You can do anything you want when you have your own home.
I personally think it would be good to save up at a young age cause when you’re older you can buy any house but I’d rather buy a small house so i can still have more money to buy other useful things, but we all have our own opinion.
In your house you can decorate anything you want and the best part is when you get to sleep in a cozy bed!!!
Maybe when you’re working or doing homework you could feel comfortable and concentrate cause I personally don’t like doing homework at my cousins house.
Everytime i get home I always feel so satisfied because I get to relax.
The thing i really like about my house is my bedroom.
When Méli Mélo was at Chi Chi house Méli Mélo didn’t feel like she was at home because her family wasn’t there.By Marie-Francine Hébert
Olemaun wanted to go to residential school and she stayed there for a year and she missed her home and family because she wasn’t near her home.By Christy Jordan-Fenton and Margaret Pokiak-Fenton