Grade 5

British Columbia

meaning of home

The meaning of home to me is when I’m at my house and I’m spending time with my family, because I feel joyful when I’m near my family. I have two houses, but they don’t feel like two houses they feel like one giant home. I don’t have a favorite house, because there is family at both of the houses for me. I love spending time with my family, cats and dog, because when I’m with them it feels like I’m at home. My dog is so cute, because he always put his teeth close up to his nose. Home also feels like when I’m surrounded by a building that is safe or I’m at a friends house, for example when I’m in Kamloops or at Ryder’s house and we have a sleepover it feels like home there.
A house is a place where someone lives, and a location or place where someone thinks they belong. Home can also feel different for different people.
For example I don’t think home is where you live. Home to me is when I’m with my family and pets. And my friend from Vancouver, I know he thinks home is where he lives, because when madame told that we have to do a speech about meaning of home, and the weekend after that I went to Vancouver and asked my friend what home is to him and he said where he lives. And that is what I think of what home means to me.