Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home is a safe place where you live with your loved ones.

A home doesn’t have to be a house, it can just be any place where you live, whether it’s a apartment or condo! In Margaret Pokiak Fenton and Christy Jordan Fenton´s books, Fatty legs and Strangers at home, home to Margaret means a safe place to live in with her family since she got home from the residential school. Also, in Lucy Maud Montgomery´s book, Anne of Green Gables, home to Anne means a place where she can share her thoughts in peace and read a book in silence. Home to me is like my comfort place, when I’m sad, I like to stay home with my mom and think of how lucky I am to have a nice home. Home is a place where you can play all day, eat delicious meals, and hang out with your family. Home is a safe and welcoming place that you go to when it’s raining outside and a place where you can be warm on the coldest days. Home isn’t just a place where you live, it’s a place you share with your family and friends. It is important to have a home or a place to live because you need to eat, sleep, and wash yourself. A house makes a home because that is where you live and share your love with family and friends.

So if you do have a home you should be grateful because other people don’t have homes.
And remember not all homes have to be a house.