Grade 4


Meaning of Home

When I get home I see Henry lying on the couch with a broken leg. When I get home I see my dad sitting in his chair when my mom gets home at 4:30. My awesome mom gives me hugs and kisses. Then I go play with my brother. Then play with my friends and my mom calls me up for dinner. Which is usually noodles. munch munch munch with the crunch crunch crunch yummy. Then I go watch TV which my brother gets to pick. He picks teen titans I would pick youtube or something. Then we get our dinosaur or elephant jammys on brush our teeth then go to sleep ZZZZZZZZ. When I wake up I rush downstairs because it is my turn to choose the TV! I picked dantdm. It’s like a youtuber who gets over 100.000.000 dollars a year by making video game videos .After I am done watching tv I go eat breakfast omelet. I love omelets when I’m done that I go get dressed with my fox t-shirt and my puma pants. I go downstairs and brush my teeth. And I hug my mom goodbye now I’m at home with my dad and my brother. We play video games with me and my brother then I stroke my doggie and go out for school. What home pretty much means to me is awesomeness, cuteness and fun fun fun fun fun fun.