Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning Of Home

Home is not just a building. The meaning of home to me is a nice comfortable place where I can live a pleasant and happy life in a safe place. It is just a little area where I can have fun, I’m not lonely, and I have all of my family with me. It is also a place where I can have access to all the need-to-live essentials. And apart from my family, it is the most important thing in the whole entire universe. I have my dog, Charlie, so if my family goes somewhere without me, I always have some living thing that has a close bond to me to keep me company. And to all those people that don’t have a place to call home, I feel really bad and I think we have to spend more time on them so we can give more people a place to call home. It should be a place that everyone can have. I hope that somehow one day, everybody has at least one safe and comfortable place to call home. That is the meaning of home to me.