Grade 6


Meaning of Home

All Smiles

Sometimes I sit on the curb by the convenience store,
Pondering life and what I know, everyone walks by me,
All with lives well lived but fears only God knows,
All smiles, it’s just what I’ve seen,

Sometimes I wonder how my life would be by the coast,
Would everyone still acknowledge my existence,
Would I still be the same girl everyone knows?

But this is my home,

Where I can be myself,

With no doubt in the world,

I’d rather be here than anywhere else,
The lively neighbourhood we call home,
My friends with their baseball caps,
All backwards,
My mother with her glamour,

Walking through the city’s streets,
I’ve never seen these people before,
All of their smiles familiar,

The buildings make me see stars,
Or is that just the waves crashing in my mind?
I’d rather be nowhere else but here,
With my friends I feel at home with no cares,

With everyone finding a life to fend for,
I can’t do anything but worry about others with nothing,

It’s all smiles,
And there’s nowhere i’d rather be than here,
On the curb near the convenience store,
Pondering our lively neighbourhood.

Life would never be better if it weren’t for this little town,
I call home.