Grade 5


Meaning of Home

This essay will discuss home. Home is a place that provides you with comfort, security and a sense of belonging. Home is a place where we can be ourselves while being supported and loved by our families. Family is what truly makes a house a home. Family is what makes a home happy, and enjoyable where you can live, laugh, and learn. Family encourages us to grow each and every day. A safe and cheerful home lets us feel secure and protected which is good for one’s well being.
In the book Fatty Legs and Stranger at Home by Christy Jordan-Fenton and Margaret Pokiak-Fenton the main character is Olemaun.Home for Olemaun is very weird for her because everyone in her village treats her like a stranger because she just returned from a residential school.But Olemaun’s father treats her very like she means the world to him.
In the book blouson dans la peau by Marie-Francine Hébert the main character is Méli Mélo.At first Méli Mélo did not like her home.But she learned that homes do not need to be big or nice,a home is a place where you can be with your family.
Home is a family. A loving and caring family. A family where you can always count on one another and one where you can’t wait until you get home after a long day. Without family it would simply be just a place not a home.