Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home is a safe place to be,
Home is where you get to be yourself.
Home is where i can dance
And for no one to glance or judge.

Home is most important to me
Because, inside to me is a warm shelter
Where to bond with family & friends.
Home is more than a structure
it’s a place to stay and live.
to be yourself and who you are.
It doesn’t make me happy when people are On the street
And when they have nothing to eat.
It’s not fair to live on the streets
To have no company or food to eat or,
To have to live in a box in the cold.

Home is a wonderful place to be.
To have a roof over your head.
To watch or to sleep.

Most people say home isn’t the best
But what’s not the best about it
You get to rest and especially
Be blessed.