Grade 6

New Brunswick

Meaning of Home

What does a home mean to me?

A home is a place where you live and a lot of homes can be safe, cozy, warm, but not everyone may have these homes. Some people can’t afford these homes and they are trying their best to save up. That’s why homes are very important.
You may wonder “how to get a house?” Well it’s not simple to get one because such huge houses can cost a great deal of money. If you buy a big house, you would need to pay each month. For small homes, you would probably need to pay less than the payment of big houses each month. But the main thing is the people that live there and that they are safe and comfortable.
Home is also a place that makes you happy. You can have sleepovers, hang out with family and friends, and even relax. My favourite part of home is to stay safe with my family. Even though I don’t really have a house and I live in a apartment. A home means a lot to me because my family is trying to work hard to get a nice neat house. It will take long. A home is a place for your pets to be with you and your family. You need to take good care of your pets at a place called home. A home is a place to sleep and rest with all of your family and friends.
Homes are important to people because homes are where people cook and bake with friends and family. It’s hard to find a home because first you need a Job and furniture. You need furniture for a home. It’s like decor. If you didn’t have a home, then you’d be on the streets. You need to save up for a home because if you don’t save up you wouldn’t have any money for a home. Also if you didn’t take care money, you won’t be able to pay the bills then you’d have to move out.