Grade 6

New Brunswick

Meaning of Home

Home is a very special place.It’s what you grow up in hopefully if you don’t move houses well anyway, let’s get started.

Home I am so grateful that I have a home to go to. I love my home. It has kept warm for years. I made so many memories in my home. I lived in my home for eleven years.

I love my family. These people on the videos are not that fortunate and lm glad that I don’t need Habitat for humanity l’ve seen what they do and it’s so kind. Home is a place of safety and security. And love If you don’t have a home that you can trust If you do that’s great. But if you don’t you can get out of there.

Habitat for humanity. is a huge successful organization that doesn’t make and give houses for free. To people who are not in that great of place and you have to get approved for a house.