Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home is something everyone needs; it’s a part of life. Home isn’t just in one place, home can be in a different city or country then the rest of your family, for example not everyone lives with their grandparents.

A home is like a place where you feel comfortable like your comfort zone. A place you and your family lives. The place you live is called a home. A home is a place where you’re always welcomed. A Lot of the time you go home to sleep, eat, watch, and etc. Home is something you can cherish forever. For example I cherish my home and my family forever. For another example I go to my home because it helps get rid of my problems. A home shouldn’t be a warfare with your cousin/sister/brother/friends. A home should be where you feel amazing, wonderful, safe, and free. A home shouldn’t be where you feel terrible or miserable. A home can shelter you from the cold or it can keep your body cooled down in the summer. And a home is where you can keep all your belongings/things.

In my opinion a home can’t really be a home without the people in your family like your mom and your dad and etc.