Grade 5


Meaning of Home

My meaning of home is when family surrounds you. Who cares if you live under a roof or under the stars. Home is where you are born, the meaning of home is where you can feel safe. When I imagine people that don’t have homes it makes me sad. They can’t go home or feel safe, they have to spend their whole day begging for money. It makes me think of this video of this guy, who is nice to people. I wish everyone had a home, that everyone had family around them and that everyone felt safe. But in the end, the home is our world and our world is our home. So make good of your home because you’re lucky you have one. There are different meanings of homes, like for some people homes is where you live under a roof with tvs, couches, beds etc.. And for other people, a home is on the streets, a bed is a blanket,the only light is the sky and more… Some people say a home is a place made of hay, or a home is made of carpet and walls. But for me…
My home with my family is a home sweet home.