Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home

Home is where I wash my hands and brush my teeth. I think home is a special place and sometimes it is a peaceful place. Home is a special place. I am there and so is my family. We’re all happy and loving. Home is a peaceful place. When I get mad I can go to my bedroom.
But the thing I most wish is that everybody would have a home.

The sad thing is not everybody has a home. I can see my sister and my Dad and Mom.And my home has running water. That’s what I’m happy about. It is not how big the home is it’s the Care Inside. My home has lots of Care. I hope every house has running water and a good family inside and just the right amount of Peace Inside.

My favourite thing to do with my Mom in our house is smell her so good recipes and I just want to eat them right there. And sometimes the smell of her recipes smells like cotton candy marshmallow. And my Sister is chaotic . Me and my sister I know it’s not good but we fight a lot like I mean a lot like almost every day we fight. My Cat Slippers is really fun and then I scratch your tummy and then she just scratches me and it hurts. Every two weeks we go out for Pizza and it’s really fun to get pepperoni. That’s my favourite. This is The Care Inside.