Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home can be many different things, it’s usually referred to a place where one lives permanently. But it can be a place where you have family, you don’t need it to be a house, and you also don’t need to be related. For it to really be a home everyone needs to be loved, sadly some people think this doesn’t apply to their home, as kids and adopted kids can be mentally and physically abused in this type of “home”. There are many examples of home in canadian written books, one example is Fatty legs. Written by Margaret Pokiak Fenton. In the story the protagonist Olemaun is sent to a residential school, and is abused physically and mentally. This causes Olemaun to want to go back to her home on banks island, as she feels safe and misses her friends and relatives. In another book Anne of green gables, written by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The protagonist Anne, gets adopted by two people, named Marilla Cuthbert and Matthew Cuthbert. Anne was adopted many times before, but she never felt like she was at home. The third and final example is Un blouson dans la peau. written by Marie-Francine Hebert, in the story the protagonist, Meli Melo lives a normal happy life but a new rich kid named Chi Chi moves to her town and comes to her school. Meli Melo is then jealous of Chi Chi because they beat Meli Melo in dodgeball and makes everyone not like Meli Melo’s pizza jacket. Later Meli Melo puts on Chi Chi’s jacket and turns into her , but she realizes that Chi Chi’s life isn’t perfect because she misses her parents. Then she comes back to her house and sees Chi Chi getting all the love and attention. Then she takes off the jacket and heads into her very own home. In conclusion a home is a place of family and happiness, where one can feel safe, where it feels like home.