Grade 4



Love makes my house a home because nobody has the same type of love my home does.Family time is very valuable.And it is also precious.You would never miss a single second with them.They do a lot for you and they put a roof over your head and the roof over your head is a home.When im at home most of my friends like to visit me.Sometimes I get to call them too.We have a lot of fun and they make my house special.But because of my family and friends I get to call my house a home.Belongings make my house a home because if I go on a trip I won’t be able to bring everything.And most of my things are gonna be at my house.But I like them being at my house.It’s just like my house is also their home.And even if I could bring all my things it would be way too heavy and it will be hard to move and travel.So id rather not be able to bring everything.But I can still at least bring something than nothing.I mean I can’t even name a person who would bring all their items on a trip.Honestly I can even imagine my things coming to life and saying “No we wanna stay home”! If I asked them if they wanna go on a trip.And that’s why belonging make my house a home.