Grade 4



I walk in to my new home it was silent & dark when i turn on the light my eyes was like is this a dream i when outsize and that’s when i saw the pool i really wanted to go in the pool but i wanted to see the house more . my room was the best part of the house.i need to go the bathroom. The bathroom was so nice. my home is (VERY SPECIAL) to me my family the food my clothes and my room is (VERY SPECIAL) i like my home i don’t want to leave my home. I would be so happy to go to bed in the best room ever i love my home my home mean to me is faith hope and love when i went to bed i had some tea i was red rose. It was so good. I got up i make some breakfast it was very good i wanted to go to the movies. I went to watched frozen 2 it was a nice movie i had some pop corn and pop. I love my home so much it mean a lot to me