Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Have you ever thought I want to go home?
That is your mind yearning to go to your comfort zone.
Your mind yearning to speak freely and embrace love and warmth.
Something you can fall back on whenever you feel down.
It doesn’t matter if you have no 4 walls or a roof, that’s not what makes home.
Home is something you feel, a place where you have a strong connection.
A place with memories that have guided you through the hardships of life.
Your home can be a park or the side of the road, it can be a friends house, it can even be your car.
When Terry Fox ran across the country the van with his friends was his home. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t comfy or most likely not very hygienic.
What mattered was the positive energy in that they called a home.

But we’re still not done. Home is also a place you miss and the people inside you’ll miss too, for example when you go away to college you’ll miss your home and your family. But then your dorm will become a home and you will probably miss your roommate when you leave.

I find there are 3 things that make a home: people you love are inside, you have fond memories there, and if you are sad, scared or lonely you can go back to your home and feel a tiny bit better. Home is a safe haven. A place to live with families and/or pets and enjoy with friends which you could consider a home for your whole life. A place to build memories, futures and even wealth. Where you can truly be yourself. That is a home.