Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home is not a place, it is somewhere you can be welcomed and loved. In my home you can have fun and games and be proud of your names. My home is helpful and dandy but, my family is even more handy. My home is somewhere you can be safe and warm by the chimney and you will not have to say “hey don’t hit me”. My home is the one of the best homes in the world where you can listen to songs and read the lyrics word by word.

My home is somewhere you can have comfort when you’re dizzy and never worry about a big old grizzly. In my house you can play sports and camp and can read books about God with a lamp. My family is very fortunate and are lucky to have enough money for food and not be poor in the neighborhood. We are very fortunate to be able to feel the heat from those very sturdy walls. We are very lucky to be able to be safe and sound and not have to worry about the roof coming down. My home is a fortunate home with fortunate people and that is what home means to me.