Grade 6


Meaning of Home

A home isn’t a house. A house is a building. Made from a skeleton, with layers added as protection. Protection from rain, from harsh weather.
Actually, a house can be like a home. A home also has a skeleton. And layers. And protection.
And most definitely, harsh weather.
Right now, more than ever, we need our homes. But the real depth of a home needs love and laughter, with family and friends.
When we cannot reach such things, you need to find comfort in a home.
That is when a home is also a house. With all the hardships this year, we have been tied to our homes, and frankly, houses.
A true home has a skeleton, made from a family rooted there. Layers, from all the happiness, love and care there. A roof made of connections and bonds. Lastly, protection, which is made from long-hardened grief that comes with everybody.
When you look at it from the outside, it just seems like a building. It’s when you enter it, you finally get to experience the magic.
As is the magic, home is a feeling, and can be experienced everywhere. It is inflicted by the people surrounding you, and when those connections are severed, you discover a whole new meaning to “home”.

“Home only means something when it holds the love you seek”