Grade 6


Meaning of Home

What a home is to me is a place where you can relax, do anything you want or some place that can make your heart happy. You get to be with your family and maybe friends or even your pet. I think home is somewhere that is meaningful to you. A home doesn’t have to be big or small, in a house or castle but somewhere you love.

Home should be somewhere that you can do anything you want. In my opinion, home is somewhere you can be like a bird, you can fly anywhere you want. You can learn, play, and enjoy your time. Home shouldn’t be somewhere that makes you anxious, nervous or stressed. Maybe decorate it and make it more like home. Being at home, feels like being in a wonderland or fantasy. Sometimes it might be stressful when your learning and your parents are there but most of the time, I feel happy. Nothing can be more like home. Home can be like memories too. I have a lot of memories at my old home. Everytime i walk in I can remember when I was small. Even though I can’t remember a lot of things, I still remember some pieces of my memory. Sometimes I wanna cry, but sometimes I don’t even wanna leave. Because It makes me feel like home.

Home makes me feel loved. Everytime i come back from school, I go straight up to my room or I go lying on the coach. And it makes me happy. Home is warm. Even during winter. When I get home, I feel warm and calmed down. The snow definitely is fun to play, but at home, I can make myself a cup of warm water or hot chocolate, and I can relax and enjoy! I have a lot of toys and I love them because it also makes me feel like home! I have my family at home waiting for me. Every night, I get to talk to my family and share something that happened to me or just have fun. I have my favorite toy squirrel. I love it very very much and I put it right beside my bed. I feel like home when I see my toy squirrel. I love it very much and once I almost lost it. I cried and that’s how important it is to me. As I said, the squirrel is full of memories.

Home is like a storage full of items. Just like food! My grandma’s cooking is the best!!! My favorite food is sweet and sour pork ribs. It might sound a bit weird but it really is good! I also like my grandma’s zong zi and ye er ba. It is so good that I can eat 5 of each. Everytime i get back to school. When I walk in, I can smell the food, and I get hungry. It makes me feel like home because I can only get to eat these at home. And it is also very special to me. I just love home because it is somewhere full of love.

As I said home doesn’t need to be big or small. A home doesn’t have to be a house but somewhere makes you feel special and makes your heart happy. And this might be very disgusting but it’s true! It’s not really nice to fart outside, but it is definitely nice to fart at home. That’s something really good about home! Home is also full of memories.