Grade 6


Meaning of Home

the reason humans need a home it’s because if we don’t have a place that has all the people we love our memories and friends that we could always go back to
We would end up lost in this world which is unknown what might happen next.
We can always look back on the memories and be happy.
My family is a jumble of different people stuffed into a home, which gets very chaotic.
But it forces you to eat with them, play games with them and sports, do chores and take care of pets all in this place which is just four walls and a roof family are people that you love and have accepted you in their life no matter the things you did they will help you.
My dad has always cook a homemade e meal for my family being that he has time
And with that there a tastes that make me happy and reminds me of things
Like my older brother sat on a chair and it broke when we were eating turkey.
Or the time we went to my lake we had sace but we had no noodles so we used bread now its the taste that makes me think of the lake.
The music when i think people i think of music it is wide span to the point where all people playlist are different and you may be wondering how i might connect this back to home
Well music is in almost anything especially home when i put in ear buds it’s like it makes life more interesting if its cooking biking or even just walking around the home it adds a certain aspect to life it helps with life a little bit and when my brother chasing the dog and my dad cooking and yelling at my brother my mom trying to work and my sister trying to study all when one song makes it so much more interesting.
Home is a place where we could go back to no matter how much life beats you to the ground a place that’s happy sad full and of character thank you for listening