Grade 6


Meaning of Home

A formal definition of home is: A place (usually a house or apartment) where someone lives for a period. But personally I think that is not a good definition, because home is more than just a house or a place. They have a true meaning or an emotional meaning. Why? Houses can get bought and sold and even destroyed. But a home will stay with you always. Home is also where your memories are. When you go off to college or somewhere else far away from home, most of the memories you have will be from that home you had. The saying “home is where the heart is” sums it all up.
Home is where your family is. If a certain person has a home, they usually have their family living with them or a memento of their family. I remember that whenever when I did not get a good grade, I had a bad day, or I was bullied, my family was always there for me. I would always feel much better after that.
Usually home is a place where you feel comfortable and safe. That is why very polite people say, “make yourself at home”. I would always feel very comfortable as a guest when people say that. Sometimes after a long day, everybody longs to go home. Why? Because Home is the one place that everybody feels relaxed. Home is the one place that you can collapse into bed.
But we shouldn’t forget the people without a home. In fact, a survey by the United Nations showed that an estimated 100 million people are homeless. When I first brainstormed about this piece, I never gave a thought about the people without a roof over their head. Did you know that according to UNICEF around 22,000 children alone die each day of extreme poverty? That is about 8,030,000 children alone that die every year because they don’t have enough food, clean water, medicine, or a roof over their heads. I feel very sorrowful for those that don’t have a home and I believe we should try our best to help them, the people that have no home.