Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Hello, in these few paragraphs I’m going to tell you what home means to me. To begin with, home is a big part of everybody’s lives. This is where we spend much of our time. It’s a place where you come after school everyday and that place is stored up with memories shared with your family and friends. Home helps you feel better if you have a tough day. Home provides feelings such as safety, warmth, happiness, and comfort.

I enjoy my home because it is where I can spend time with people I love. I get to be with my family, like my parents and brother. I also get really excited when my grandparents come over. When I see them pulling up in the driveway I get a special feeling in my stomach and jump up in excitement. I especially like when they visit because they stay at our house and I get to wake them up in the morning. We can have fun together, going to special places. I would love to see a NHL game with them, my team vs theirs (Jets vs Canucks).

Home is where you can have fun. I have fun at home doing lots of stuff such as board games, pingpong, watching movies, playing the guessing game, and going on runs, walks, or bike rides. When we play board games we usually play UNO. It’s so fun because whatever the rotation is I like ganging up on someone by giving them the +2 card. It is hilarious giving lots of extra cards to my dad. Ping pong is fun because we play doubles and have to move out of each other’s way really fast without crashing into each other. Bike rides are fun because when I go with my neighbourhood friends we get candy at the store. Then we pile all of our candy together in a bowl, have a sleepover and watch a movie.

Home is a place where you can celebrate holidays and special occasions. Each home celebrates differently depending on their culture. Some of the bigger and more exciting holidays I like to celebrate with my family are Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and birthdays. For example, I like Christmas because my family and I go to Mexico to celebrate our hard work throughout the year. One of the most exciting parts is when I get to come home and then find my presents under the Christmas tree. On Thanksgiving we have a turkey dinner with our close family friends. On Easter my brother and I have an Easter egg hunt outside or inside (depending on the temperature) but my favourite is inside because there are more hiding spots and it is more challenging to find the eggs. But best of all in my opinion are birthday parties, because they are fun and we are with our best friends.

The meaning of home to me has a lot to do with the food that we eat here. When I walk inside my home I smell my mom’s or dad’s cooking, but my favourite smell is my nana’s baking. This reminds me of my nana and papa’s smell of their house and being with them. It makes me feel good and happy. My favourite food from home is my mom’s homemade vanilla cake because this is what we eat on our birthdays.

We all need a home because it’s that place where we all feel comfortable, warm, and safe. Whatever the size of your house is and however rich your family is, home will always give a good feeling. I’m happy and thankful for my home because I have a nice family and great memories filled there. That’s why everyone needs a home.