Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home

What is the meaning of home? Well, your going to find out what it means to me. The meaning of home to me is a place where your feel free and comfortable, with things that you love, like your wonderful family and a fridge and a pantry full of delicious food.

Many people, including me say “Home is where the heart is. My interpretation of this phrase is home is wherever you feel loved the most. But, it could also where you feel safe with a warm fuzzy feeling inside, and a safe and warm environment.

Home in a kid’s view could mean a place where all of your favourite toys are hidden, and where you know all the places for hide-and-seek. It is also where all of your super special secret, amazing treasures are hidden, and where you can eat all of your favourite candy, treats, snacks, and dino nuggets.

Home could also be where you have a lot of memories. You could have a lot of good memories and have some bad memories too. Some memories could be about when you bring your new sibling home for the first time or even when you get surprised with a new pet. It could also be memories about opening presents on Christmas but, all good time have to be balanced with sad times so it could be when it’s the time for your pet to pass.