Grade 6


Meaning of Home

I’m going to tell you about what home means to me. Home means family and memories, food and water, a safe place, and fun. Others may think differently than me, but I bet most people think the same things as I do. Home will always be important to you and it can be the most important and special place in our lives.

Home means family, which is the most important part of home to me because it is where you live with your family and it’s where you love each other. When you get back home after a long day, you can be together with your family, so home means time with your family too. Pets are also a part of your family too. Pets bring joy to the family and brightens spirits when they are down. I think family is definitely the best part of home because without family, you would be really lonely and there would be no one to help you with your problems or just to be with you. Another important part about family is the memories you make with them. Either good or bad, happy or sad, they will always be important to you.

Food and water are both very importants parts of home. It is the smell of your parents cooking and when you get home after a long day you can smell dinner cooking, which is a nice scent. It also means that you are fed well and have clean water to drink. That is a very important thing about home for me.

Home is our safe place. Since it’s where you live, it is your safest place to be. Being safe is a really important thing in life. Home is where you can do whatever you want and not have to be cautious at all like when you’re in the public. Sadly, home isn’t safe for some people, but it’s safe for many other people. It’s also your place to chill.

Fun is a good part of home. Fun can be watching movies with your family and playing games with your family, either board games, video games or any game. It can also mean playing by yourself, like video games or card games. Fun is important because it’s a good way to connect with your family or friends.

Overall, home means so many things like family and memories, food and water, your safe place, and fun with your family, friends or just yourself. To you it may mean different things, but that’s what it is to me. Home is definitely the most important place you will ever be in your whole life.