Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home

What does home mean?
For a kid, it is a place you know all the hiding places for hide and seek. A place you celebrate your birthday. A place you always feel safe.

When people say home is where the heart is what do they mean? I think they mean your family finds a place to keep their love. Like when a boat drops its anchor. Sometimes the anchor is on the ground for longer than others, but no matter how long you are there it is still a place full of love.

Homes have lots of things in them. Some things are more common like beds, tables and chairs. Then there are more personal things like toys, pictures and plants. Sometimes homes can have too many things in them like too small clothes and shoes and toys you don’t play with anymore. But no matter how many things you have in your home they are not more important than the people living in it.

For parents, home could be the place they keep their family safe. The place they tuck their kids into bed every night. A place where they watch their children grow up.

At your house you make lots of memories. Like on Christmas morning racing down the stairs or looking up and down around your house for eggs on Easter. Even when watching a sports game on the edge of your couch.

Homes can mean different things for different people but no matter who you are it is still a place of love.