Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning of home
Have you ever wondered what home really means? Well to me home home can me a lot of things, it could mean the roof you live under, but not to me home is more than where you live it’s where your heart is, it is whatever you make it.
Home is where your family is, or even your friends. People think of home as a location, well i think that home is more of a happy place. Home is where you throw your party’s, home is where you play your favourite games, home is where you have fun. I love my home because it shelters me,but I also love my home because of all the memories i make there. Home is basically a giant scrapbook ready to make lots more memories. Home can be a place to come back to after a busy and hard working day at work, or it can be where you come to after stressful school day. Everyone deserves a home, and they should be grateful if they have one. These are some of the things that home means to me, but home is definitely the greatest place on the Earth.