Grade 5


Meaning of Home

It is cozy because there are comfy chairs and a fireplace that keeps me warm. If you ever come to my house you will meet my nice and kind family. Home is a place where I can relax. A house is a house unless a family lives in it it is a home to them. Home is where I can show my real self and build my lego sets. Home is where I can watch movies with my family and do karaoke with my sister but I don’t sing. I do the drums and my sister sings. It is super fun because my sister and I stay in our basement for one to two hours just singing and playing drums. Home is where I eat yummy food that my mom and dad cook. Home is where I sleep in my cozy bed and sleep for hours. Home is where I can play games and watch the news and as covid-19 is slowly going away and scientists are making a vaccine to covid-19 so my sister and I can go back to school and for everything to be back to normal. Home is where I play basketball with my dad and sometimes my sister but that is in the summer. My sister and I also like to go bike riding around our neighborhood also in the summer. My sister and I like to build a big huge hill of snow in our backyard and then slide down it with our super gt sled but my sister has her own sled and I have my own anyway it is super fun. My home means to my safe and I am super grateful that I have a home to live in and play in. I hope everybody has a home to live in.