Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home
What does home mean to me? Home is the place where I am very much comfortable with. Comfort for me is my cozy bed, loving arms of my Dad and Mom, fridge full of my home is a place where I can be myself and play any kind of video games.

Some think that home is just a building or a location. What the people didn’t know that there is more than that, like there are people who are living there. They love, live together, help each other. For me, you can be safe and happy in your home.

In a bigger picture, I consider Winnipeg as my home. The place is free from pollution and quiet. It is not so busy and the environment is so nice. The place is affordable. Our basic needs such as electricity, water, and more are well taken care of.

I feel sorry for some guys, who don’t have a home or who doesn’t know what home is. They have to live with poverty with some garbage, boxes, and newspaper. They also don’t have a jacket during winter and rainy days. That is why I sometimes help the poor by giving them coins. I think they will feel at home when someone help them.