Grade 4

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

Some people say that a home is a place, some others say it’s a house. I say it’s a place where you can find yourself, where love flows, where fear can leave. Home is a place that everybody needs. A place where nobody gets left behind, a home where you can cry. A home where you can always tell your feelings, a place where you can trust. A home where people love you always. I can find and do all those things. If I can do it, you can do it to. Some people don’t know what a home is at all!! I find wonderful stuff for homes, it’s beautiful when you see people who are happy. A pet you love can come to an end… and that’s why I said you can cry. Love is everywhere in a home, that’s why love flows. Fear can leave with love and care. When you find yourself you find your true self and all the love deep, deep inside of you. Nobody should get left behind. A home can be a school, an apartment, outdoors, and the streets. Wherever you have the things I do. Homes are really beautiful.

The End.