Grade 6


Meaning of home

Meaning of home
Home to me means a whole bunch of different things: family, friends, comfort, love and safety. It is a place where I can drop my bags after school and feel relaxed. My puppy Henry is always waiting to greet me and follow me to my bedroom for a snuggle. Our house is full of laughter and fun. My brother makes me laugh and bugs me to bits. I don’t mind because I love him.
My mom is sometimes funny and she is an amazing cook (people love coming for dinner at our house, and the dog sits by her feet at every meal time) and my dad tells the worst dad jokes. It is never boring here. I love to have my friends for sleepovers, as well as staying up really late, giggling and watching scary movies. My home consists of my mom, my dad, my brother, myself and my dog. I especially love my room because it is my space, I can go there when I want to be alone cuddling up watching a movie, doing homework, hanging out with my friends, or sleeping in with my puppy. These 4 walls are filled with love, comfort, safety and laughter.
By writing this, I know that I am helping someone have a home and be in a loving and safe environment with their loved ones like I am. Every family needs that to thrive.