Grade 4


Meaning of Home

A home is where you are. A house is where you have been. A home is your’s. A house is not. I love my home and I hope you do too. But if you do not you should get a new view. I feel comfortable in my home and I think you do too. But if you do not, I hope you will soon. I love my home. I love it so very much. My home is where I eat lunch. And breakfast and dinner my home has some fine diner. It has spoons and forks. It also has a lot of doors and rooms. I have dogs and a mom a dad and a brother. When I think of people who don’t have a home i go to my room and shiver.  This is one of the reasons I love my home I love ve my home because it is warm it is nice to sleep in, at least I do not sleep in a bin. I hope I can help people who do not have a home and i hope you do too. I am writing this poem for me and you.