Grade 5


Meaning of Home

One of the things that home means to me is being with my family. The reason I chose being with my family is because they make me feel safe and good inside. Another reason is because whenever something is wrong they help me. The third reason is that they care for me and love me. The last reason is that without my family I have nothing because my family is everything to me.

Another thing that home means to me is being comfortable where I am. I need to be comfortable with where I am because if I’m not comfortable where I am I won’t feel secure. I also like to be somewhere I feel good and safe. Even if I’m not at my ideal place, my environment should be ideal to me. One more reason is that being comfortable is a place that I can be, with the people I love.

Last but not least home means that when I’m moving I still like to feel safe. If I’m moving I won’t adjust right away but with my family I will soon. It doesn’t matter where I am moving I just need to be with the people I love. I need to move to a safe environment. This last thing is not mandatory but, I would like a fun place.