Grade 4


Meaning of home

Home is where you can come home and feel safe.When I come home i’m always greated by my family. Where I’m tucked in and my mom says ‘‘good night’’ and I feel safe to go to bed.

In the morning I’m fed breakfast. Then I put on my coat and boots, jump into the car and head to school. When I come home no matter how I feel I’m able to express myself. Home is where you are welcome no matter your shape or size. And your respected and loved.Home is where your family is your team there on your side.Home is not a building.but it’s a feeling.

I wake up in a warm bed then walk to the kitchen. But before now I never thought about what it would be like to wake up with a stiff back. From sleeping on the side of the road or a cold park bench.I aet my meals without thinking what it would be like to not have food.Im comforted by my family when i’m having a rufe time. But what if i did not have family to do that.and i’m able to express my feelings whether i’m sad,happy,angry or scared.but if i lived on the side of the road i could not do that without being judged.

Laughter,sadness,anger,hope,yelling,crying,big dreams imagination there all a part of who we are. And home is where you can do all of that.happy memories sad memories. Every room is filled with memories. Whether it’s happy memories like me playing my ukulele or playing with my friends.

Or sad memories like when my fishs dyid either way a home is where you can be you. Where you’re welcome every day.where you can be yourself. If you walk by my house you mite see me laughing,playing or crying but either way i feel safe.if i were a person experiencing homlessnes i would feel trapped because i could not express myself.

When I said a person experiencing homlissnes instead of a homeless person it is because it gives them more hope. When you say homeless person it makes it sound permanent but when you say person experiencing homlissnes it gives more hope because it sounds like there just experiencing it.

But lucally there are places like the mustard seed or inn from the cold.

You do not have to just donate money or food in fact my teacher told us a story of this man experiencing holissnes and people would give him food like granola bars and apells but he couldn’t eat them because he had no teeth. So sometimes even just a smile or a ‘‘hi’’can make a big difference.

In class were learning about homlessnis and ways we can help. 1or2 months ago we went on a field trip to the mustard seed or seed school. We lend many ways to make are community a better place and how to help people experiencing holesnes. If you are a kid reading this ask your parents what your polise with talking or helping people experiencing homlessnes.