Grade 6

Lower Sackville
Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home

Home is where you want it.
If you are bored and have nothing to do, think about what home is to you.
Maybe now, you have something to do.

Home is full of laughter and tears, and to overcome your greatest fears.
When I am scared my parents wipe my tears.
My home makes me feel like a deer, calm and complete.
When people visit we meet and greet.

My home is painted black and white, you can customize it however you like.
My home may be cold or have a bit of mold, as it is old.
My home is a stronghold and can withstand the cold.

I feel relief when I walk in through the front door.
My parents hugs and so much more.
Feeling the fireplace giving me heat and the carpet touching my feet.
The warmth it provides from being outside.

I’m happy I have a bed,
so I can shut my eyes,
and let the time pass me by.

I have a skylight in my room and when I look through I see the moon.
I can dream of going on a space mission
Creating planets where the flowers bloom,
Or staying up all night thinking of what to do.

Home is everything the more you venture.
You will eventually find the center.