Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning of home. What home means to me. To me home means joyful because my mom goes outside and comes to the park with me. My dad brings me to the park, plays with me outside ,and brings me to swimming. Me and my sister play with my dog when she plays fetch.

My home is clean. My house is clean because my mom cleans every Wednesday and Friday. My step mom cleans every Monday and Saturday. And My dad cleans the pool in the summer ,does the laundry ,and the dishes everyday. Me And my sister clean the toy room every Saturday and Monday. My step dad cleans the house every Monday and Saturday.

Home is amazing. Because It’s like a big ferris wheel and you don’t know what view you’re going to see. Home is like a puppy it’s amazing. Home is as amazing like my friends and family. Home is like an amazing big umbrella That can fit the world. My house is like a hot air balloon you never want to get off. My house is like an amazing big jungle gym that you can’t get out of. My house is as amazing as the ocean. It flows as nice Just Like the Wind and it won’t stop.