Grade 6

wasaga beach


To me home is a place were laughs are made and cries are formed. to me, a house should be a place were you feel warm, and you laugh and party and mostly, have fun! Thats why i think everyone should have a family, someone to hug when your felling down, someone to share your excitement when you won, someone to call family. you know when you have a nice…cold…cup of water? Well some kids dont have clean OR cold running water like us or clean air like us. You know when is cold outside and your nice and cozy in your bed well other kids are starving, abused ,frezzing, all alone in the dark. No where to go, sleep, hug, eat, nowhere to call, home. Now thats why evry kid should have a home just like mine. So if i win thats why i will brighten somones life. To have a home, just like mine.