Grade 4

Richmond Hill

Meaning of Home

My home is special because I have the most awesome family ever!! When I am in my home it makes me feel loved and happy to be with my family. When we are together I feel loved, happy, joyful, safe and protected.

Let’s talk about safe and protected. My family cares about my protection. We got this doorbell and it has a security camera so we can see who is passing by our home and who is at the door. Now that is safety.

Also, when I get home I feel joyful, loved, happy and excited. This is how I feel when I get home with my family. We do many exciting things together. I like to eat with my family, play games with my family, watch movies with my family and talk with my family.

My home is filled with memories. There are so many pictures of me and my brother Tommy. We have had the same house for a long time. It is what I know. My house is also filled with the smell of yummy food from the kitchen. The delicious smells and tastes remind me of my home. I know when I get older these will be wonderful memories for me.

I feel joyful when I think about my Uncle Theo George who calls me ‘Tips’ because I always give home tips and everybody else tips too. My Theo George also calls me ‘Tiporoona’. My dad calls me ‘Bou Bou’ and I call him ‘Bou’ or daddy or also dad of course.

My home is a place of fun and memories and yummy food. I always come together with my cousins and grandpa and grandma. Family is the right choice to be with!! For me, the meaning of home is all about family.