Grade 4

Richmond Hill

Meaning of Home

To me a house is a pile of bricks with a roof and a triangle on the top. But a home is more than that. Home, to me is about Family, Memories and Earth.

For me, the meaning of family is love, relationships, traditions and life. My family brings me happiness. We have fun together by going to the park or having time to spend together. I have a loving relationship with my family. A tradition we celebrate is Chinese New Year.

My home is filled with memories. Memories mean to me so many things:sad, happy, exciting, calm, powerless, glad, and much more. I have lots of memories, but vacations with my family give me lots of memories. They are very special to me.

My home is more than the house I live in. Home is Earth. Earth is fair, Earth is caring, Earth is special, Earth is powerful. EARTH IS MY BEST HOME!!!!!