Grade 4

Richmond Hill

Meaning of Home

Hello my name is Yasmina and today I am going to talk about what home means to me. To me home is Family. Home is Fun. And Home is Memories. I hope you enjoy!

Home to me is Family. My mom is Family. My dad is Family. My grandma is Family. My grandpa is Family. My uncle is Family. My two cats are Family. They are all Family to me. They are all special to me because they are kind, they are all fun to play with. I love them all and they all love me. I am lucky to have a Family like this.

Home to me is fun. Fun is games. Fun is board games. A board game we play is Monopoly. Fun is also card games. This is fun for me because we play Garbage. I think lots of people know the game Monopoly, but I don’t think that a lot of people know Garbage. Garbage is so fun and me and my mom play it in bed.

Home to me is also about Memories. Memories are from when I was born. Memories are when I played with my Mom, Dad and Uncle when I was a baby. Memories are me beating my Uncle at Monopoly. Through pictures, videos and stories my memories remind me of my amazing Family and Home.

Bye for now, and these are my THREE points about what home means to me. Home to me is Family. Home to me is fun. And home to me is Memories.