Grade 4


Meaning of Home

In my house there is a cute cuddly cat sitting at the door.
People, pets, siblings all waiting for you to come home.
The perfect food in the oven for dinner.

At my home I have a trampoline to jump, have fun and to be calm.
In the summer I go swimming in my pool with the nice warm sunlight overhead.
In my home I have my own room with my TV.
It’s a place where I can relax and have naps.

In some places people don’t have a home.
They roam around.
In the cold trying to find shelter.
Its sad for people that can’t call a place their own.
I hope this poem helps people find a place of their own and get a smile on their face.

After I eat my dinner I go play with my sister or watch a goofy movie.
Then I head to bed and go to sleep.
The next day I go to school and learn and exercise my brain.
I hope this poem helps people find a place to call home.