Grade 4

Red Deer

Meaning of Home

When I hear the word home I think of my family, who I love and who I want to be with for most of my life like my mom, my dad, my brother and who I love most.

I love the way home sounds. It makes me feel happy and it makes me feel warm on the inside. My mom always says that we are so lucky to have a roof over our heads because some people don’t and it’s true. I truly love my home because when it’s cold outside I can be warm with the people I love.

Home is not only my happy place, it should be everyone’s happy place. Most of my favorite moments were there with my family and friends.

When I was younger I lived in an apartment with my mom and my dad and it is where I had great times. The apartment means a lot to me. It is where I learnt how to walk and where I had the funniest memories. The apartment means a lot to me because it was my home.

Another meaning of home is camping. It is in nature where the air smells like campfires. I love the fresh air in the morning when I wake up. Sitting in front of the campfires at night, roasting marshmallows and making smores makes me feel so happy. There are some reasons why I call camping my home.

Home is my place where I can be myself and not get judged. It is where I can learn new things like cooking and how to make s’mores or how to walk. What matters is wherever you are with the people you love I would call home. It is a safe place for you and everyone. Long story short home is a place where everyone can show their emotion like crying when you are sad and acting angry when you are mad. It is also a place where you are safe. Home is a place where you can be happy. Home is my happy place.