Grade 4

Red Deer

Meaning of home

Two words that describe home to me are safe and family. Without a home you would be in the street mostly by yourself. I am so thankful that I have a home. I would be so scared if I didn’t have a home.

I think that home means safe. Everyday when I wake up I don’t expect anything to happen. I don’t expect anything to come and hurt me because I am safe at home. Think about it, a little girl on the streets by herself asking for money. That wouldn’t seem safe would it that’s why home means safe.

Home also means family. Because when you’re at home you are most of the time living with your family. I am thankful for my family. Without my family I would have to live by myself. Which wouldn’t be safe because what if someone dangerous happened. If I lived with my family they would tell me what to do.

That is why home means safe and family. But home means a bunch of other things but I believe that those are the most important to me.

Thank you for listening!