Grade 4

Red Deer

Meaning of Home

What is the meaning of home? The meaning of home is different for a lot of people because some people don’t have a home. It is really sad but we can help those people and trust me you will feel awesome when you do. It is so cool. This is what I am going to tell you about in this essay.

You know that feeling when you are really glad that you helped someone? That is what the people that you helped feel. Don’t you think this is awesome? You love your family don’t you? Well you can also help all those other people who love their family so that they can have a chance to provide for their family too.

Isn’t it amazing when you help someone? It is like when you were learning how to walk. Your parents were there for you to help you when you fell down. They helped you stand back up. That is what you can do for other people and they will feel so grateful that you helped them.

Some people don’t have money and some people have a lot of money. But those people who have a lot of money can help the people that are poor, and that is a good thing because you’re helping someone in need and that is the best thing that you can do that will make you feel awesome. So rich people go and help out all those other people in need to have a great and awesome home to live under.

As you have seen and read in this story, helping people that don’t have a roof is what the meaning of home for me is. To help others because if you help others, others will help you too.

The End!