Grade 6


Meaning of Home

When I walked through the door, into the house, the newly fallen snow started melting down my rose coloured cheek. I was so ecstatic to be home that I ran into the hall. halling my boots off and throwing them aside.

The skittering of claws against the tile warned me of the arrival of..
“ATTACK OF THE DOG!,” I shriek at the top of my lungs. I was considerably too overly joyful to see her. As Penny jumps up, I kneel so that I would be at her level, which throws both of us to the floor.
“Akkk, Yuck Penny OFF! Now PLEASE!,” I yelp as Penny starts tirelessly licking my face. ”HAVE MERCY!.” She never missed a beat!

As I heave Penny off, the scent of newly baked bread greets my nose!
“so do I get to try some bread?,” my mother passed me the first slice that had butter on it. I devoured the slice of bread quicker than Penny got the crumbs. And then just as fast as I had come in, I was out. I left a mini tornado in my wake.

My room glinted in the late afternoon sun, the heat boiled me through the window curtains. When I opened the window the caroling of the birds singing echoed into the vast sky overhead. The trees waved their spiky needles at me, barely missing the screen.

The royal blue blanket lay perfectly still, while the sun lightly touched it, almost like it didn’t want to ruin it. The pillows lay toppled on top of each other. But before I could lay down Penny hopped onto the bed, right where I was going to lay down.

Penny’s deer eyes were a camera reflecting my irritated face in perfect mirrored images. Her fur went from shades of obsidian black to light chocolate brown. Her tail curved so she looked half pig, but with fur. As soon as she hit the soft blanket, she flopped into a pile of fuzz.

“Penny, really” I accidentally said with considerably more sarcasom than what I intended to use. And I flopped down beside her.