Grade 5

New Brunswick

Meaning of Home

I grew up in a good home with a dog. It was a husky, her name was Kena. She grew up with my mom in a village called Saint Martins. It is very beautiful there on the beaches. My dad’s family had very little money but he worked hard to get a very wealthy house. Only because of hard work and dentistry in school. He met my mom in dentistry school than before they knew it t they were married. My mom was pregnant with me. A few months later I was born. She was very scared of me and excited. Maybe I was to that would be weird and cool. They came up with a name now.my parents bought a wealthy house. It was good for five years then we moved. They bought a bigger house with a pool and a hot tub. Three years later my mom was pregnant with a girl!.she came and I was like nooooooo!!!!!!!!!! My love is gone. I was heartbroken. I wanted revenge but no. I lived with it five more years then one night we went out for supper while my mom stayed then my mom called Kena died. I was so sad she was the best dog ever she did not bite at all but she was gone I hoped God would take care of her. I was so sad that night. Two years later I was hoping we could get a dog again to know what it feels like. Months later we got one!. It was a sheepadoodle mixed with a sheepdog and poodle she is very cute she went through a lot she will also be one soon. She has been through a broken hip so she got a metal hip so I want to win this for donation. I am doing it because she had a hard life so I’m going to help the homeless shelter for her.