Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home

As I drive through the wood where my house is concealed,
I notice the trees bowing down to me.
As I enter my house and step onto the stair,
I hear my younger brothers playing with care.
As I sit on my bed and gaze out the window dome
I watch my dad come home.
As I give him a hug,
I feel my feet touch the rug.

As I sit down for dinner {and dessert}
I smell the spaghetti my dad prepared.
As I dig into my lovely spaghetti,
I taste the cheesy Parmesan and delicious spaghetti.

As I get into my pajamas and hop into bed,
My mother reads to me and kisses my head.
As I lay there snug in my bed,
Millions of thoughts swarm in my head.
I dream that I roam,
I feel so thankful to have a home.